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. . .  what books would be on my office shelves, I probably would have guessed very wrong. I've always considered myself to be a generalist, of sorts. For example, I resisted specializing in environmental policy, already quite specialized, and chose communications instead of a particular policy focus. Well, that was another lifetime, but recently, ... [Read more]

Great Wall (5) - Caution Danger

fear fi(ə)r/ noun noun: fear; plural noun: fears 1.  an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. 3. a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone. faith fāTH/ noun noun: faith 1. complete trust or confidence ... [Read more]


I used to blog. Then I had a kid and then, even worse, I made one of my hobbies into my day job. I watched many NaBloPoMos, Blogher's challenge to post every day in November, pass without signing up. This year, in an effort to force myself to create fresh written content for Breathing Space ... [Read more]


Actual birthday was very quiet because she had been running a fever and we kept her home from school. Party? Total opposite. Kind of a mad house with a dozen kids making masks, playing with toys, roasting marshmallows, and eating cake in a tent in the living room – but  everyone lived to tell about it and Maya ... [Read more]