Puddle Jumping in DC

Find joy wherever the wind blows

Actual birthday was very quiet because she had been running a fever and we kept her home from school. Party? Total opposite. Kind of a mad house with a dozen kids making masks, playing with toys, roasting marshmallows, and eating cake in a tent in the living room – but  everyone lived to tell about it and Maya ... [Read more]

Very serious skeleton poses just before 2013 trick-or-treating (yes, those are hot pink Hello Kitty socks). Previous costumes include Ruby Glooom (one of this year's criteria was "recognizable), Cinderella, Bat (yes, the costume looks like a fairy princess ballerina, but don't let that fool you), lion, bear, and newborn.

Over the past year or so, the family yoga programing I've been building on Capitol HIll has grown beyond just me. (As far as I know, Amalie, Cindy, Kate and Rebecca don't answer to the name Jen.) The mission of Breathing Space Family Yoga is to help all family members to experience the benefits of yoga. Breathing ... [Read more]

Maya came down the stairs this morning and declared: "Mom, you have to measure me to see if I'm really 5." Photo by Siobhan Hanna Photography / All rights reserved Nearly-five has already been amazing us this fall with improved attitude and independence.   Still an avid drawer and artist with a significant attention span for ... [Read more]

To her playmate on the way to the swimming pool Thursday afternoon: "Want to pretend that you are 40? Cause that's really super old!" And on the way back home because I obviously had not understood the question the first time:  "No, no. How did "dad's name" and "mom's name" make "child's name" be born. ... [Read more]


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