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Bug Also Eats

Bugfood_1The day I took the food photos was a particularly gray January day here in the district.  I stuck Bug’s food in the window to document it (left).

Bug is highly interested in food, especially if it belongs to someone else. 

We’ve been so busy we worry the Bugness isn’t getting enough attention but we’ve started a fun new ritual where we eat breakfast together. (Mac started it actually.)


To the right, you have Bug flicking her breakfast onto her very own tablecloth.

I love photographs like this — blurry and full of action — how you actually experience Bug.

I think she enjoys our little ritual, but she’s no fool.  She won’t eat out of her bowl until she’s sees us put a little bit of our breakfast into it.

Even then, she has to be repeatedly reminded to eat off her plate, not ours.

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  • j.k.a. February 7, 2007, 2:12 pm

    Gosh, that sounds SO much like my little parrotlet Gus.

    To even get him to nibble a veggie that he hasn’t seen one of us eat first is impossible, and food is always better off our plates than from his dish.

    Thanks to him we’re eating better than we ever have in our lives! lol

    ( and I love the blurry picture too, it suits them perfectly!)

  • Pamela February 10, 2007, 12:19 pm

    When Bug writes about food, it’s often tasty seeds.

    Really, I’m impressed that she eats so well, Peanut was such a seed and grain hound. I did pretty well with the soaked seeds (live food, you know), but and Action Shot! With Veg! Fantastic.


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