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Bug’s Diet – Vol 1, Issue 4

So, I bought a mini food chopper. It quickly shreds enough Bug veggies for about 3 days (which is about how long they last anyway). It makes the vegetables much smaller and a little wetter (or was that the grapes) which makes it stick to Bug’s face much more – oh, so cute.

Right now, Bug gets a spoonful of vegetables mixed with a half scoop of pellets and a half scoop of seeds twice a day along with all day access dry pellets. I think it’s still too much food. She’ll eat the pellets (even dry) if I offer them too her out of the cage and certainly pulverizes the moist ones in her food dish but I can’t tell if she’s eating them.

(Just so you know, I decided years ago I never wanted a dog because they’re too much trouble.)

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