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Bug loves, loves, loves peanuts.  The sound of the jar being opened elicits excited chirps and happy dances followed by frantic chirps and pacing if a peanut does not materialize quickly enough.  If Bug is out of her cage, do not expect to open a peanut jar in peace. This is something she and Maya ... [Read more]

. . . and kicking, and kicking. Working too much. Doing too much.Bug is not pleased.Looking forward to a week in Mexico City.Bug will be even less pleased. Did you miss Mac's profile in the Washington Post?

The day I took the food photos was a particularly gray January day here in the district.  I stuck Bug's food in the window to document it (left). Bug is highly interested in food, especially if it belongs to someone else.  We've been so busy we worry the Bugness isn't getting enough attention but we've ... [Read more]

While we're pretty confident Bug prefers traveling to being left behind, that's a far cry from liking to travel.  We get her home and she just cheeps with joy at the sight of her cage.  It would be hard to overstate how happy Bug is to be home -- even though someone* inadvertently flipped the ... [Read more]

It's featured on the cover of BirdTalk Magazine. Seriously.  While the magazine itself is pretty far from mainstream, they don't do social issues. They do birds. However, the January 2007 issue contains a feature story titled "Global Warming: What It Means to You, Your Bird, and Its Wild Cousin".  Whoa. Oh, and a nice long ... [Read more]

Peanut, a very little parrot in central Michigan, has been feeling poorly. Bug doesn't know how much significance this little Greenrump Parrotlet has - he was among the many factors in the decision to bring Bug home instead of continuing my search for a good parakeet breeder. The internet forum equivalent of well wishes is ... [Read more]

I think it might be time to rebrand the blog. I've struggled with the Why blog? question off and on - burning desire to post cute pictures? share my witty remarks? express outrage? habit? When I first started this, I had just adopted Little Miss Cuteness (a.k.a. Bug, left) and was an avid reader of ... [Read more]

This picture: of Bug chasing my pen and generally being adorable is the #2 search result for "parrotlet" on Yahoo Image Search. Cool. Her rank isn't moving up at all on the Google image search though. What's up with that? If you search for "parrotlet, Bug", she's all over the place, but that seems like ... [Read more]

This photo of Bug won her a gift certificate in a wet bird contest to and now we will buy her this: Whoa.



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