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Halifax Collage

The sun came out for a couple of lovely days at the end of our Halifax trip. The photo above was taken from the Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry on Monday on our way to the science museum, the Halifax Discovery Centre. After that, we went to a Natal Day pirate festival in Dartmouth turn in early, after ... [Read more]

Human Landscape Dance and company spent the day yesterday Musquodobit Harbour, Nova Scotia. We dipped our toes in the surf and Maya road her first amusement park ride. 1. Oh that North Atlantic is COLD!, 2. Surf and sand (1), 3. Surf and sand (2), 4. Surf and sand (3), 5. Surf and Sand (mostly ... [Read more]

I don't do home videos very much here in Puddle Jumping land, but I do occasionally capture snippets of video on my compact camera or phone.  I've accumulated many, many minutes of video snapshots of Maya's first two years and will gradually edit and upload them (probably in no particular order). Here's today's offering: When ... [Read more]

This article was almost titled: "Keeping a toddler happy during nightmare air travel to Blogher '09."

image from On a Thursday evening in July 2009, my toddler (20 months) and I were scheduled on a direct flight from DC's National Airport to Chicago's O'Hare. The original direct flight was delayed and then cancelled due to thunderstorms and rescheduled for a one-stop flight with plane change in St. Louis the next morning. That flight was diverted into a cornfield with an airstrip in Illinois for an hour due to fog, resulting in a missed connection and second rescheduled flight. We finally arrived in Chicago 22 hours after we'd initially left for the airport in DC.

Here are a few tips we learned along the way:

1.) Plan your kid carrying device(s) carefully to accommodate both the airport and ground transportation.

I opted to carry my daughter Maya in our Ergo, a soft backpack child carrier, and pull a rolling suitcase. Maya traveled as a lap child and we planned to use public transpiration in Chicago, eliminating the need for a car seat. Traveling by subway, train, or bus is often easier with a baby carrier than a stroller and it is definitely easier to carry a toddler and pull a suitcase than push a stroller and pull a suitcase.

Every year, 16 million people visit Washington, DC. While travel and accommodations can sometimes be pricey, once you are in DC, you will find there are find hundreds of free things to do in and around the nation's capitol.

It turns out that the zoo in Bois de Vincennes is closed for renovation and since that was a big draw to that park, we went to a cemetery known for its 64,000 ornate and even ostentatious tombs of the rich and famous: Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Eloise and Abalard, and more. More pics here.

Hall of Mirrors, originally uploaded by Studiojmm. We're having a lazy day here. With the exception of Mac and Maya nipping to the corner to buy croissants, we hung out in the apartment all morning. At 11, Mac and Alex went to the art museum around the corner (yep) while Maya napped. We're planning a ... [Read more]

An American in Paris, originally uploaded by Studiojmm. I had intended to get a whole blog post done this evening but I hadn't intended Maya to nap through dinner and stay up late. Oh well. She's doing pretty well with the time shift, generally, but this traveling thing is tiring. Anyway, you can track our ... [Read more]

So we're settling into a post-travel routine.  Mac is off at a dance workshop in Maine for the next week which gave me some time this afternoon to finally post photos. (And completely demolish rearrange the bedroom.)     My initial edit to 220 balloned to 344 once I added Alex's pictures and Mac's special ... [Read more]


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