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China Photos!

So we're settling into a post-travel routine.  Mac is off at a dance workshop in Maine for the next week which gave me some time this afternoon to finally post photos. (And completely demolish rearrange the bedroom.)    

My initial edit to 220 balloned to 344 once I added Alex's pictures and Mac's special requests.  Have Fun!

Just a sample of a few of the new images.


China Favorites


1. Yangshou Farming, 2. Black Pool, 3. Ferns, 4. Looking Out From Dinner, 5. Dafu, 6. Peaches, 7. Words & Nature, 8. Just After Dawn, 9. Through, 10. Tablets, 11. Ruins, 12. Lunch, 13. Forbidden City, Casual, 14. Through (2), 15. Typical, 16. Hong Kong – 17, 17. Yangshou – 22, 18. Emei Shan – 19, 19. Hua Shan – 19, 20. Hua Shan – 10

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