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Culinary Insanity

Pamela commented that when I "write about food, it's often sweets."  While there really aren't that many food entries, it's true that I find it easier to blog on sweets.  Sweets are among the few things I make where the ingredients get "measured." Still, it got me thinking about what I eat/cook and what should be reported.

Breakfast Do you want to know that I ate scrambled eggs with spring onions, tomatoes, and two slices of the apple ginger loaf (right) last Saturday morning? 

Are you riveted to learn that I took a break from re-organizing the bedroom to eat Amy's low sodium lentil vegetable soup and Quorn with fresh mozzarella for lunch – making for a highly processed meal, actually? (2/3 major components came with a nutrition label.)

That night I failed to photograph our couscous and tempeh with beet greens and mushroom, but I did catch up with it the next day at lunch (left).Dinnerlunch

I just adore the way the beet greens turned the couscous hot pink overnight. Don't you?

I then failed to blog on all this (I'm sure there was a snack and a big mug of hot cocoa in there that day) and have forgotten all the witty things I wasmust have been thinking when I took the pictures.

But all sorts of bloggers went nuts about Michael Pollen's advice in the New York Times Magazine to "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much."
(By food, he means unprocessed foods that you prepare or cook yourself
– stuff without a nutrition label.) Folks either love it or hate it.  I already wasn't a fan of processed food (and I thanks to Marion Nestle's Food Politics I'm pretty hostile toward the whole concept of "functional food"). I need to let my thoughts gel a bit more before I comment.

. . . then we got to Friday.

Lentil Loaf with Decorated Mashed Potato Icing at Chez Alex

(you will want to click on the pictures and see the larger versions)
I don't think I need to write anything further on this particular inspiration for the title of this post except that it was also extremely tasty (even the second and third day – we got the leftovers!).

So back to my initial musing, I'm pretty sure that my food posts will continue to feature sweets. My hunch is that the real common thread will end up being okara.  I've got a lot of it and it's kind of like a public service to provide recipes that other soy milk maker owners can use.

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  • Pamela February 10, 2007, 12:25 pm

    Okay, any food decorated with mashed potatos WINS!

    ‘though, we should have a Greens Exchange day.


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