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Life Changes

So on Saturday mornings, I run. A friend and I signed up with a group that meets a the pentagon to train for marathons & half-marathons on Saturday mornings. Right now, we are meeting at 6am (ouch). I’m only doing the half mileage distance, so I’m done before 8. We don’t run very fast, so we talk while we run.

This morning the discussion had many topics including how a small green bird(who’s currently bathing in her water dish) that weighs less than an ounce can have a profound effect on your life; as can your boss when she calls and tells you she wants you out on the road covering the Kerry/Edwards campaign for the next three months, which apparently happened to my friend on Friday. She’s taking it in stride (pun intended).

My life is also in flux. In two weeks I quit my job at PIRG, where I’ve worked since I graduated from college, to go back to school at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Hmm.

By the way, Bug’s blood tests all came back fine.

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