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Territorial Jays

We live in DC so the wildlife mostly consists of squirrels and sparrows.

This morning, I awoke to the sound of birds in distress outside my window. Poked my head around the curtain and saw a white flash – I’m thinking cat. I head for the backyard to have a look.

There’s a blue jay hoping around under the picnic table and another 4-5 in the dead tree next door and they are agitated. I’m thinking the one on the ground is hurt (no sign of cat). But as I approach, he flies of to the dead tree with the others.

I wander back up to the deck and watch them.

One by one they move from the tree in the right neighbor’s yard to the tree in the left neighbor’s yard (we don’t have anything taller than tomatoes) screaming the whole way. Then I see it – the possum.

Apparently, the flock of jays were pursuing him around the neighborhood. He was unimpressed.

From the wilds of DC . . . .

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