4lbs15oz We returned the tub to our birth assistant yesterday, which provided an opportunity to do a weigh-in.

Most babies (unless they are formula fed?) loose 5-7% of their body weight on the colostrum-only feedings in the first few days before their mother's milk comes in (10% is considered safe) and then they start gaining back. They are born with extra stores to get them through that so a 7 pound baby can safely loose 6-12 oz. But we figured Maya didn't have much to spare (10 percent of Maya's birth weight is only 7.6 oz.) so we made an extra effort to get lots of colostrum into her (which also ensures prompt arrival of the full milk supply).

First mommy triumph was Maya weighing in at the pediatrician's on Friday only 4 oz (5%) lighter then when she came into the world.  Go kid!

Since Friday, she's packed on 7 oz – slightly more than one ounce per day.