Jeff Galloway, the father of the run-walk marathon training method, recommends imagining a big rubber band that goes from the back of your shorts that you toss over other competitors as they pass you in a marathon. You use the imaginary tension to pull you forward in a race. I generally prefer to think being pulled by strings tied to the heart. The image helps me remember to focus on breathing, keep my shoulders back and relaxed and not lead with the chin when I run.

I decided to adopt the personal motto "When you are being pulled by the heartstrings, you’d better not let your hips get too far behind." during a run one day. Given the above image, it’s very practical running advice. But from a broader perspective, if your actions aren’t keeping up with your intentions, your life will become unbalanced quickly. If you’re being tugged at the heart strings, I guess you better get going so you don’t fall on your face.