To her playmate on the way to the swimming pool Thursday afternoon:

"Want to pretend that you are 40? Cause that's really super old!"

And on the way back home because I obviously had not understood the question the first time: 

"No, no. How did "dad's name" and "mom's name" make "child's name" be born. How did they do it?"

Luckily, my "That's a conversation for another time" response sufficed, because I'd really rather not educate someone else's 5 year old on that topic. Maya and her playmate subsequently decided that the playmate should go home and ask her parents, too.

After dinner while discussing why she can't wear her Crocs to school any more (The tread is gone and she slips in the halls) but she doesn't want to get rid of the old ones or remove her Hello Kitty decorations:

"Can't you and Dad just please decide that I can have a little sister. Everything would be so much better."