For your Make-A-Difference Monday action pleasure: 

Tell EPA to Clean Up Polluting Commercial and Industrial Boilers, Deadline Monday

In the basements of office and apartment buildings, and in pulp and
paper plants, chemical refineries, and other factories across the United
States, tens of thousands of commercial and industrial boilers burn
natural gas, wood, or coal to produce steam for heating or to pressurize
machinery. In the process, they emit mercury, lead, cadmium, hydrogen
chloride, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, dioxin and furans,
nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency proposed a regulation this spring to reduce those pollutants by
50 percent. You have until Monday, August 23 to weigh in.

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Ecuador's Yasuni National Park Preserved from Oil Drilling in Historic UN Agreement

In a first-of-its kind agreement, Ecuador has pledged to not to develop
the 850 million barrels of crude oil under Yasuni National Park for the
next 10 years in return for $3.6 billion from the United Nations. The
park is one of the most biodiverse expanses of rainforest in the world, a single hectare of which boasts more species of trees than in all of North America.

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