Luckily, I captured a couple of photos of Maya in her lion suit during the G Street Co-op Halloween parade, because by 6pm it was so warm out that Maya refused the lion's mane and trick-or-treated without it.

Capitol Hill goes all out for Halloween. Houses are decorated with cobwebs and giant spiders. Many, many front yards sport tombstones (some with a political edge), monsters, ghosts, and more. There are dozens of Halloween events to choose from in addition to trick-or-treating. Even with the intermittent showers last night, folks were out on their stoops handing out candy to mobs of children.

We were giving out mini-tootsie-pops at home and Maya desperately wanted one before we left. Neighbor after neighbor handed her Snickers, mini-Hershey's, and other chocolaty treats for a block and a half. But finally, a lady on D Street handed her the desired object (full-size too) and that was pretty much it for trick-or-treating. Maya sucked happily, getting stickier and stickier, and regularly pointed out her "whawie-bop" on the return trip. (Of course, she still wanted to go get candy at half-a-dozen or so very decked out houses as we passed them – and even took her lolly pop out of her mouth to say thank you.)