I was thinking about that as I was playing in traffic riding home this evening while the rain got harder and harder. Being out in the weather can be really invigorating; it makes you realize how lucky you are to be alive, how very amazing nature is, and how little control we have over so many things (how very Zen).

I was having so much fun tonight that it was a challenge to make myself pay attention to all of the things** you have to pay attention to while biking in DC if you'd like to stay alive.



I guess I have mentioned



Watch for the new blog theme.

CNN Photo: biking through big rain
    Photo by CNN. Now tell me that doesn't look fun?

* Safety first, of course.
** Moving cars, parked cars, drivers in cars, pedestrians, other bikes, traffic lights, dogs, holes, bumps, stray objects, the occasional heavy thing swinging overhead on a crane . . . .