Infant Massage – Loving Touch for Babies and Parents

Babies thrive on loving touch. Parents and caregivers have known the importance of skin-to-skin contact for millenia, but it’s only been in recent times that science has begun studying and trying to quantify the amazing  power of massage and other touch techniques.

Infant Massage Class at Breathing SpaceMassage is a great way to connect to your baby. Studies have shown infant massage can help babies

  • sleep better,
  • gain weight,
  • reduce fussiness,
  • improve health and
  • relax.

Parents who massage their babies often experience

  • increased closeness to and understanding of their infants,
  • reduced stress and post-natal depression, and
  • simply enjoy a wonderful experience with their child.

Learn to Massage Your Baby

Jen’s classes are offered through Breathing Space on Capitol Hill in multi-week series to teach parents techniques to massage their own babies.

Jen is an experienced mother and baby educator trained to offer baby massage classes through Infant Massage USA. The curriculum is progressive, so drop-ins are not allowed. We offer classes on various days and times to accommodate different family schedules.

Moms massage their babies at Breathing SpaceThe ideal time to start this class is when your baby is 2-6 months old, but younger and older babies are welcome. The emphasis in class is on following baby’s cues and learning the techniques to incorporate into your home routine.

Bring your baby and your partner, if available. This is a great class for fathers! Pack a towel or baby blanket you do not mind getting oil on, and a change of diapers and clothes.

Classes are now offered at a private home near the Potomac Ave metro station. Address will be provided to registered students.

Please note: Fussing and crying is expected; Your baby’s voice is welcome. Please join us.

Upcoming Infant Massage Classes with Jen