Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids by Kira Willey


Dance for the Sun is more than just great music – it’s also a fun way for you and your child to do yoga together.

Dance for the Sun is the debut album from children’s yoga teacher, songwriter and mom Kira Willey. Inspired by jazz, doowop, bluegrass, and African tribal songs, Dance for the Sun is a unique collection of great family music and yoga pose flows for children.  Kids will build strength, flexibility and confidence while having a blast surfing the waves, crawling like a caterpillar, and going on many other adventures!

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The CD includes a beautifully illustrated, instructional booklet, and 16 Bonus Yoga Tracks. Listen to the Yoga Tracks and join in as Kira takes you through musical segments of a Fireflies Musical Yoga class. With the help of Pose Key figures on each page of the booklet, you’ll see how the poses and movements fit with each song. The Yoga Tracks include live African percussion and the happy sounds of the children participating in the class.

1 Dance For the Sun
2 Let’s Go to Work
3 Black Dog in the River
4 The Shimmy
5 The Dancing Mountain
6 Midnight Moonlight
7 Caterpillar Caterpillar
8 Big Brown Bear
9 Colors
10 Surfer Mama
11 The Sound I Found
12 Making Pie
13 Namaste Song
14 Banile
15 Welcome to Fireflies
16 Dance For the Sun (yoga track)
17 Let’s Go to Work (yoga track)
18 Black Dog in the River (yoga track)
19 The Shimmy (yoga track)
20 The Dancing Mountain (yoga track)
21 Midnight Moonlight (yoga track)
22 Caterpillar Caterpillar (yoga track)
23 Big Brown Bear (yoga track)
24 Colors (yoga track)
25 Surfer Mama (yoga track)
26 The Sound I Found (yoga track)
27 Making Pie (yoga track)
28 Namaste Song (yoga track)
29 Peace & Joy


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