While I've got several blog drafts in the works and ideas for more, I don't seem to find as much time to post here as I'd like. When the puddles seem a little dry for jumping here, you can often find me elsewhere online:

Websites and Blogs

Jen Mueller Yoga - Kids, Families, Prenatal, Adult Hatha YogaJen Mueller Yoga is my professional yoga teacher page. This is where I post about the benefits of yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga resources in DC, and my teaching schedule. I sometimes cross-post here, but not usually.

image from dingo.care2.comCare2 is a b-corporation site for news and commentary about social issues to promote civic engagement and build support for its sister site, thepetitionsite.com I'm a regular contributor on environmental, food, and health issues. My more personal Care2 blogs will be cross-posted here and I typically push my all articles out on Twitter, but you can also subscribe to my author page RSS feed.

Social Media

Facebook cover image capture sm FacebookMy personal Facebook profile is where I connect with people I know. I post links to Puddle Jumping in DC, social commentary and personal updates not worthy of a blog post, photos of my daughter, and links to interesting or fun things online.  

Disclaimer: I generally don't friend total strangers or friends-of-friends whom I don't at least know as an acquaintance. Regular students in my yoga classes should feel free to friend me if they'd like updates of a more personal nature.

Jenmuelleryoga facebook cover image captureMy Jen Mueller Yoga profile page is where I share yoga articles and resources for DC yogis and parents of little yogis. Anyone can subscribe to those updates simply by "like"ing my page. I don't cross post most of this to my personal profile so my Facebook friends with an interest in yoga should "like" my page to get my professional updates.

TwitterMy Twitter feed is broader than either of my Facebook feeds. I post yoga updates, select personal updates, photos from my Instagram or Flickr feed, and links to articles I've written or am reading. Topics beyond yoga include breastfeeding, environmental news, parenting, and social issues. I follow Tweeters on those topics as well as local businesses and DC bloggers.

DeliciouDelicious is my online filing cabinet. I tag articles I might want to reference in the future on breastfeeding, child development, environment, health, parenting, sustainability, and yoga. I don't necessarily share these on other channels but they sometimes get referenced in blog posts.

PathPinterest is my magazine clipping file and someday list. In addition good visuals on the topics above, I pin potential art projects, DIY ideas, inspirational or beautiful pictures, places to go or things to do in DC, and info-graphics.

LinkedInWorked with me, met me once professionally, or just want to network? That's what LinkedIn is for.

Photosharing Sites

I share photos via instagr.am and flickr. The former is designed for use and viewing by iPhone users. I post iPhone selections to Flickr along with photos taken on other cameras.