Prenatal Yoga

Yoga was enormously important to me during my own pregnancy pregnant woman doing yoga at homeand I still feel that my regular practice was the most important preparation that I did for childbirth.

As a physical practice, yoga during pregnancy builds strength, endurance, and flexibility. Asana practice, what we know as yoga poses, improves circulation, combats fatigue, and reduces tension and stiffness in muscles and joints.

As a mental discipline, yoga cultivates focus and emotional stability. Breathing exercises during prenatal yoga help mom relax deeply and connect with baby.

Jen Mueller - Headshot with Newborn BabyPrenatal yoga celebrates the mom and baby connection and the beauty and power of you changing body.

– Jen

Real student experience:

“Jen’s prenatal yoga class was a weekly treat for me during my pregnancy.  After class I always felt stronger and more centered – better prepared for childbirth and parenthood.  Before the prenatal course, I didn’t have much interest in yoga, but Jen’s course made me a believer. I look forward to continuing my yoga practice in the future.”

“I’ve been taking Jen Mueller’s prenatal yoga class at the Hill Center my entire 3rd trimester and it’s been heavenly.  I leave class feeling great (and sleep better that night than any other night of the week.)”

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