I can't figure out where I found this.  NPR says it was invented by Liana and Eric and it's taking off in the twitterverse.  Naturally for someone with the #1 most popular first name for the entire decade of her birth, there's a certain appeal to the meme.

Step 1, take the first letter of your middle name and put it somewhere in your first name.

Jennifer Michelle


Yangshou - 20

Mjennifer (oy)

Step 2, take the name of the smallest foreign town you have visited and that's your last name.

Now I've been to quite a few of foreign towns with some pretty fun names both small and large (and small town doesn't mean the same thing in Asia as it does here). But without even remembering the name, the obvious choice was the town in China where Mac drank this (right) beer.

Voila, your NPR name.

Jemnifer Xingping

Don't know that I'll adopt the new pseudonym but it's bound to have fewer claimants than my given name.  I've considered changing my last name just to be easier to find on Google but it actually doesn't help.